Ampddit Live Mastering Engine Version: 1.2


Supercharge your sound with the energy of your favorite tunes - instantly!

Just upload your un-mastered original track + your favorite reference track to get started.

The Mastering Revolution

Upload your new track

Simply upload your unmastered audio track in 16bit or 24bit stereo WAV format.

Please leave about 6dB headroom when you mix your track and export it from your DAW. Please also turn off any compressor or limiter on your master bus.

Upload your favourite sound

You probably know exactly how you would like your track to sound like.

Just tell us - simply by uploading a second track that sounds just like you would love your track to sound like (we call this a "reference track")

We energize your track

This is where the magic happens!

We charge your tune with the energy of your favorite reference track by analyzing key sound characteristics of your reference track and applying similar sound attributes to your own tune!

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